IGEN Jazz Quartet

Norbert Márkus

The pianist, after graduating from the Franz Liszt Music College in Budapest, Hungary, moved to the Netherlands. During his six-year stay, he continued his master studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory, gave concerts in a number of European cities, and his arrangements and compositions were performed by symphony orchestras. He won the second prize of the first solo piano competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. He spent a semester at the Purchase College of the State University of New York as an exchange student. Back in Europe, he stayed in Germany for three years where he performed with American saxophonist Herb Geller and others. Upon his visits in Hungary, several of his concerts were recorded and broadcast live by the state radio. More recently he recorded duo tracks with saxophonist/clarinetist Mihály Borbély.

Djordje Radisavljevic

The Serbian-Hungarian saxophonist and Norbert were fellow students at the Amsterdam Conservatory. They continue to be good friends, still today.

Erik Aal

The Dutch bass player came from the big band of a city called Oss. He played, among others, with trombonist Bert Boeren. He performed with various jazz formations ranging from duo to big band. IGEN Jazz quartet regularly plays his compositions.

István Bagó

The drummer of IGEN Jazz was introduced to the world of rhythm as a child by local percussionists in Brazil.He continued to study music in the 80’s at the National Centre for Musical Entertainers (OSZK) in Budapest, Hungary.